10 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy At Work

July 19, 2016


Among many working Americans, it’s not uncommon for work to get in the way of a regular fitness routine. However, more than 80% of working Americans say their job is stressful. What does that mean for us? It means that not only are healthy habits being forgotten, but stressful actions may be taking their place. Here are 10 tips to combat extra, unnecessary stress at work. Hydrate Keep a special cup or water bottle at your desk. Fill it up in the morning and finish it by lunch, then refill and make sure it’s empty by the end of the day. Take Breaks Every hour, take at least a two minute break to stand or stretch in your chair. Eat healthy Sitting at a desk all day can make you bored, which can be misunderstood as hunger. Snacking doesn’t have to be bad, though. Bring some fresh fruit, veggies or granola to snack on. Exercise gratitude A great way to keep a positive attitude is by jotting down everything you are thankful for in a day—even the smallest things like a fun notebook. Create relationships You see your colleagues every day. Make sure you know their names and try to engage them in polite small talk. It will make working together easier—especially on group projects. Grab a nap at lunch If you can, go home for a quick nap or lean the seat back in your car and catch a couple z’s. Learn stretches you can do at your desk There are many desk-friendly exercises you can employ during your two-minute breaks. A quick internet search will show you tons of them! Try some out and stick with your favorites. Say No It’s important to say no to the tasks you won’t be able to get done—it just means you’ll have more energy to focus on doing your current tasks well. Park far from the building Start the morning with a brisk walk! Park at the far spot in the lot and enjoy the fresh air leading to your building. Take a vacation The most effective way to eliminate stress? Get away from it. Don’t be afraid to use your vacation days and spend time doing the things you love with the people that matter most to you. Source: Perman, Cindy. "And the No. 1 Source of Stress at Work Is ..." CNBC. NBC Universal, 09 Apr. 2014. Web. 12 July 2016.

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