10 reasons you’ll be glad you sent your kid to Camp Lakewood

February 25, 2017


The decision to send your child to overnight summer camp is a big one. For many parents, it’s the longest their child has been away from home and of course, it is natural to worry. To help ease those worries we have put together 10 reasons you’ll be glad you sent your child to summer camp. They’ll spend their days being physically active. Kids today can be couch potatoes thanks in large part to technology. At Camp Lakewood, we don’t have time for lounging around! There is stuff to do, places to go and things to explore. Gain confidence. Camp Lakewood is all about nurturing and positive reinforcement. It provides your kid an opportunity to grow and become more confident in themselves and their decision-making. Unplug. From tablets and smartphones to video games, technology has replaced physical activity. Camp Lakewood is the chance to ditch the electronics and enjoy the activities, people, and scenery around you. Gain independence. At Camp Lakewood, kids are empowered to take care of themselves (with help from the counselors, of course). While bedtimes and meal times are planned, kids are still responsible for getting up and getting ready, getting to where they are supposed to be and making decisions throughout the day. Learn new skills. Your kid is growing and learning every day. Camp Lakewood helps continue that learning and growing by providing opportunities for your child to gain skills they would never have had the opportunity otherwise. From adventure activities to leadership skills, Camp Lakewood pushes kids outside of their comfort zones. Reconnect with nature. Kids today spend much more time indoors than kids used to. At Camp Lakewood, it is all about being outside and connecting with nature. They’ll enjoy activities, see wildlife and participate in amazing adventures all while soaking up the sun. Make new friends. Camp Lakewood offers the opportunity for your child to meet people they would have never met otherwise. People who are completely different from them in so many ways but so alike in others. It also allows them to learn new social skills they can take back to school with them in the fall. It occupies the summer. For many parents, arranging summer childcare can be a struggle. Overnight summer camp provides a weeklong experience that your child will never forget and where you can know they are safe and enjoying themselves. A lifetime of memories. One look at the conversations between former campers and counselors on our Facebook page will tell you that overnight summer camp is all about memories. Things that only you and the others that were at camp with you will understand and appreciate. Things that kids will look back one day and say “Hey, remember that time at camp!” It’s fun! It’s simple. We have fun, we play hard and we learn at Camp Lakewood. Campers leaving camp full of stories, memories, and experiences that are unlike any other. Think Camp Lakewood is a good fit for you kid or just want to learn more? Visit our website to chat live with a camp staff member or give us a call at 888-FUN-YMCA. We are happy to answer any and all questions.

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