10 Things to Look Forward to in 2016

February 18, 2016


March Here’s to the necessary time between the holidays and the summer sunshine that keeps us motivated: Spring Break. We have themed spring break weeks plus discounted rates March 11 through March 31! April We can’t pick a favorite season—they’re all beautiful here. But we got the best of at least two in our summertime in the springtime themed weekend in April! May Moms are the best! They feed us, clothe us, listen to us talk, make us laugh; they pretty much do it all. So it makes sense that we’d rank Mother’s Day as one of the top 10 things we’re pumped for. June Any guesses for our favorite part of summer? If you guessed Summer Camp, you are right! We love adventure, friendships, zip lines, Zorb balls, swimming, splashing, campfires, singing, exploring—there is nothing we don’t love about camp! July Ah, midsummer. Right about the time when pools and museums start to lose their magic. But we have tons of things like Canoeing, Horses, Exploration And Summer Fun With Your Grandchild Adult Program to look forward to! August Adult programs are some of the coolest things we offer. One we are really excited about is Looking on the Bright Side, but there are plenty more where that came from. Wine tastings, cave explorations, SCUBA diving—the list goes on and on! September Family Camp happens Labor Day Weekend! Our two favorite things: Family and Camp, rolled into one nice, neat package. Plan now to take the weekend to explore our campus, unplug in nature and reconnect with one another! October There seems to be a definite theme here . . . our favorite things all include family and the outdoors . . . and October is no different. Thing to Look Forward To #8: Overnight family group adventure. November Girl time is the best at Trout Lodge, and the months between February and November are so long. But in November, it is finally time for Outdoor Women’s Wellness! It’s the best part of every sleepover we’ve ever been to all combined into one awesome weekend. December Even though it seems like ages away (and we’re admittedly a little sick of the cold), we’re still sort of excited for the Lodge covered in snow, Christmas crafts, New Year’s Eve and more—but maybe we should just get through Spring first ;)

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