10 Things We Love About Mom

April 07, 2016


There’s no doubt about it. Moms are awesome. Since Mother’s Day is coming up next month (Sunday May 8—don’t forget it!), here are 10 things we love about moms. She taught us everything we know. How to talk, how to dress, how to tie our shoes, how to be polite—everything we do every day we owe in large part to Mom. Thanks, Mom! She makes the best snacks. What is it about our Mom’s cookies that taste so much better than every other Mom’s cookies? Whatever it is, we sure are grateful we came out on top in that contest. She’s the first person we call. For everything. Good day, bad day, hired, fired, pick me up, I am sick—you name it, she’s heard it on the other end of the line. She gives great advice. Moms have seen it all. There’s no problem too big for all their Mom Wisdom. Which means no matter the issue, the advice will be great. Even when we don’t take it and have to come back for more advice later, it’s still good advice! She has an awesome sense of humor. Not only do moms make us laugh harder than anyone, they know pretty much every detail from the beginning of our lives, so they understand every joke we tell. It doesn’t hurt that we probably inherited some of her sense of humor, too. She’s our biggest fan. Whether she’s coming to games all dressed in team colors, calling the family to share our news, or pinning our good grades up on the fridge, she’s always here for us, cheering us on. She is the best listener we know. Who among us hasn’t gotten into the car, or plopped down at the kitchen table only to start talking and not stop? But amidst all those ramblings, Mom still acts as if it is the most interesting thing she’s heard all day. She was our original chauffeur Before we hit it big and got our driver’s licenses, someone had to drive us around. And here’s to the days she let us put our own music on the radio! And thank goodness for the oldies we learned when she didn’t. She’s our best friend. She’s been there for every big moment. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! She is the most generous woman alive. God bless mothers everywhere who give until they have almost nothing left, but never demand any thank you or pat on the back. The cooking and cleaning and driving and listening and laughing and cheering and teaching—they don’t go unnoticed. But sometimes you make it seem so effortless we forget to say thank you. So thank you! Show Mom how grateful you really are! Celebrate Mother’s Day right at Trout Lodge! We do campfires, massages, games, crafts and all of our usual fun activities. Bring the whole family to Trout Lodge and show her just how much she means to the whole family—and how much you appreciate all that she does year round. No cooking or cleaning required! Thanks, Mom! ;)

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