4 Reasons You Need to Do Outdoor Education at YMCA

September 03, 2015


1. Being outdoors is good for you. Here’s something crazy. Only 6% of children under 13 years old spend any time outside in a day! That means if we lined up 100 kids, 94 of them haven’t picked up a stick to pretend it’s a sword, smelled wild onions or collected bird feathers. If kids aren’t getting outside, we feel pretty safe in assuming that adults aren’t either. But everybody should be! Being outside improves mental and physical health. Plus, learning about the world we’re living in hands-on will inspire new points of view, start conversations and make great stories. 2. It beats the alternative by a landslide. It seems totally obvious to state this, but if you’re not outside, you’re inside. It’s easy to be outside in late August, but once the freeze comes, there are fewer and fewer chances to get outdoors and be active. Don’t fall into Potato Purgatory, and waste September through May lounging on the couch watching Netflix waiting for the sunshine. 3. Every type of group can learn something. At some point, everybody is going to be either the youngest or the oldest person on an outing. And it can get awkward. You’re a teenager who is forced to make crafts out of paper plates and pipe cleaners, or you’re a kid stuck at a grown-up Christmas party. But Outdoor Education is intentionally designed to avoid those situations, because you’re never the wrong age to learn and explore. From scouts to youth groups to sports teams to college organizations—we have accommodations that give everyone a chance to thrive. 4. It’s safe. There’s no denying some scary things happen in our world. It’s enough to make parents hesitant to let their kids explore—and we understand that. That’s why the YMCA is a perfect solution. We have lots outlets for your group to explore and acres and acres of land to play on, all in the safety of our private campus. What are you waiting for? Outdoor Education is now through May! Check out the brochure under the “Learn” tab of our website, or call 888-FUN-YMCA.

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