5 Reasons We Can’t Wait for Summer Camp

February 24, 2016


Camp is coming up! Here are the 5 things we’re most excited about today (every day is different since there are so many things to be excited about)! Warm weather While we’re lucky to call the Midwest our home this winter (sending warm wishes your way, East Coast) we’re still ready for the cold fronts to pack it up and call it a day. Soon, the ground will start to thaw, we’ll ditch our snow boots for bare feet and the days will be long and sunny! Bunking Up There’s nothing better than coming back to your bunk (or your first summer in one!) after a long school year away from your bunk buddies. When your pillows are the perfect blend of campfire smell and home and you can hear the crickets at night, and your best friends are all there when you wake up! The best! Water that isn’t frozen Someday soon, we will be seeking cool water as a break from scorching sun—and we can’t wait! The first dive into the lake after a long, cold winter will be wonderful. Campfires Sunsets, s’mores, songs and smoke. Need we say more? Hiking After a long year of learning at a desk, reading books, it will be nice to learn about nature by being in nature! There are so many different things to explore and we’re ready to see them all. Are you? Check out these awesome camp deals, and call 888-FUN-YMCA to register! Parents: Get $50 off per night at Trout Lodge while your camper is at Camp Lakewood Y members: Receive $100 off registration fee for sessions 1-10 Returning campers: Recruit a new camper for 2016 and receive $100 off of your fee

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