6 easy ways to get ready for fall

September 23, 2015


Fall has arrived! It’s been so hot for so long that we feel pretty confident in saying that most of us are screaming for cooler weather and pumpkin-flavored treats. One of the best parts about fall is getting to spend it outside, so we’ve compiled a list of ways to get yourself ready for all of your outdoor autumnal adventures. 1. Practice jumping into piles of leaves. Run, run, run, JUMP! Repeat. 2. Unearth your cozy wardrobe. Autumn-izing your closet is a two step process. Step 1: Pack away the summer clothes. If they don’t fit, get them out of there! Step 2: Get into the attic or the basement or under the bed or wherever you store away your winter clothes. Pull out those pullovers, sweatshirts, sweaters, pants, and long PJs. Same rule here: make sure everything fits, and if it doesn’t, get rid of it! 3. Open up your windows Some brave souls may keep their windows open all summer long. But most of us seal in the A/C tight. Now it’s time to invite the autumn into your home. Side effects may include soothing nature sounds and cool breezes. 4. Find camping recipes Be ready to snuggle up around a campfire with some delicious eats. You can find camping recipes anywhere online, but we found these to get you started. 5. Work on your campfire game. Are your guitar strings tuned? Fire starting skills ready? Campfire logs stacked up nice and neat? Make sure you have everything ready for snuggly fall campfires with your friends and neighbors. 6. Plan your getaway to Trout Lodge! Family reunions, family vacations, girlfriends’ weekends—we do them all! We’ll be here at Trout Lodge all fall—adventuring, crafting, camp-firing—come see us to celebrate fall the right way! Call 888-FUN-YMCA or check out the “Stay” tab on our website!

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