Our Mission

The YMCA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Nature Center

Perfect for school groups, summer campers and families, and the Nature Center provides a hand-on learning experience about the world in which we live.

A puppet show area, a sketch table and a cozy reading corner are only a few of the Nature Center's amenities.

Wildlife available in the Nature Center includes a gerbil, a sugar glider, two ball pythons, a rose Chilean tarantula, a red milk snake, a Western hog nose snake, a blue-tongue skink, a black rat snake, a speckled king snake, one chuckwalla, two bearded dragons, two corn snakes, a leapord gecko, a bull snake, a mali uromastyx, a Texas rat snake, a three-toed boxed turtle, three red-eared sliders, two chincillas, a hedgehog, a beta fish, and two red-footed tortoises.

Programs are available for families and also for groups.

For more information about group programs in the Nature Center, please contact Judy Gillam by calling 314-241-9622 or 573-438-2154, ext. 114 or emailing jgillam@ymcastlouis.org.

If you're interested in visiting the Nature Center during your family's Trout Lodge getaway, please check our weekly Activity Schedule for Nature Center hours.