Applying camp lessons in life

August 29, 2016


As your kids head back to school, to their teams, to their scout troops and to their friends, make sure you encourage them to share their experiences from Camp Lakewood. The lessons that kids learn at camp can be applied to their "regular" lives, too. Ask them what they learned at camp. Maybe they learned the importance of sharing, or how to include people, or how to make a new friend. They may have even learned structure or what happens when you have the courage to try new things. Whatever they learned, talk with them about the ways they can use those lessons in their school year and the groups they're involved in. If they see someone sitting alone at lunch, or they have an idea to share with their troop, they have the courage and the skills to do the right thing. And share with them the importance of being an example to their friends. Because when they take those lessons with them into their lives, camp has the potential to change them all year long. (Plus, they'll be even more excited for next year, and maybe even inspire a friend to join them!) Happy new school year, everybody!

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