Being present

April 23, 2019


How many times have you done an activity or gone on a trip and when you look back you realize you don’t remember any of it? Unfortunately, probably more of us than would care to admit. From social media to email to general day-to-day stressors, we have more things and people competing for our time than ever before. Unless we make a conscious effort, our worlds are “on” 24/7 making it easy for us to get so busy thinking about what we should be doing or what needs to be done next, that we overlook the things that make everyday life special. What if, instead of looking at life as an endless to-do list, we took a step back and focused on being present in the moment? Maybe it’s not taking our phone with us when we are outside playing with the kids. Or committing a specific part of your evening to just talking with your spouse or family without any distractions. Or not saying yes to something that feels like an obligation so you can do something you really enjoy. Whatever you choose to do research has shown there are actual physical and mental benefits to being present including: • Reduced stress • Increased productivity • Improved problem solving • Feelings of connection We live in a big amazing world full of interesting people, places, and things. Instead of spending time worrying about what could be, what should be, or what will be, try making a conscious effort to enjoy what is happening now. The other stuff will be there later and you’ll be better prepared to deal with it.  


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