Best Halloween Ideas

October 27, 2015


Halloween is the favored holiday of many, and as we get ready for our Halloween parties, we decided to throw together a list of all the things we love about All Hallow’s Eve! Candy! This one is pretty obvious. School, work, trick-or-treating, home—there’s no shortage of candy anywhere in the world from October 1 – October 31, and who doesn’t love a good supply of sweets? Costumes Halloween is awesome because everyone get to dress up in crazy outfits. People can make their costumes at home, find the perfect one at a store; there are group costumes and couples costumes and awesome independent costumes; and whether you’re sporting a new ’stume every year or you’re dedicated to the same old classic Halloween after Halloween, everyone is guaranteed to have a good time trying to decipher each other’s looks! Haunted Houses & Pumpkin Patches Sometimes, it’s sort of fun to get the pants scared off you! And for the rest of us, who don’t love to be scared, there’s the mellow thrill of a jaunt through the corn mazes, before settling in to choose the perfect, plump orange pumpkin pal to adorn your front porch. Pumpkin Carving Scared? Spooky? Angry? Happy? Every level of creativity welcome! There’s no wrong way to carve a pumpkin, so from the basic toothy smiles to the intricate carved stencils, all pumpkins are equal on Halloween! The Monster Mash (We saved the best for last.) We defy anyone to not dance when they hear this Halloween classic!

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