Best Things About Summer

June 28, 2016


Thank goodness for summer! Here are our top ten best things about summertime at YMCA!

  1. Jumping into the cool lake and playing some intense water sports!
  2. Sitting around a campfire making up silly songs and concocting the perfect s’mores
  3. Knowing that every new thing you try will be a memory forever
  4. Heading out on the hiking trails and seeing nature up-close-and-personal
  5. Feeling the wind and seeing the tops of trees as you fly by on a zip-line
  6. Listening for birds, bugs and bees without any city sounds to drown them out
  7. Experimenting with the buffet style dining and enjoying all-you-can-eat deliciousness
  8. Waking up with the sun as it comes up on the lake each morning
  9. Spending more time looking at your family than at your phone
  10. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts

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