Camp Lakewood counselors share their "Y stories"

May 03, 2017


One component of our mission at the YMCA is to strengthen the communities in which we live. To help us fulfill that promise, we must live our cause every day by intentionally thinking, acting and communicating in a way that helps us do just that. One way we do this is by having staff and volunteers share their "My Y story." Through these stories, staff and volunteers share what inspires them, what motivates them to do what they do every day and how they feel about the YMCA. Check back regularly as we add more "My Y stories. Rusty "When I was young I loved using my imagination. My favorite things to do were explore, draw, make crafts, play board games, and build things with Legos. The rest of my friends enjoyed very different hobbies like sports and video games. I wasn’t athletic or coordinated, so I despised sports. I always felt like my interests were the opposite of everyone else’s interests and so I spent a lot of my free time alone.  When I got to college I had a similar experience. Everyone had traditional majors, like business and marketing. None of the majors sounded fun to me, and I didn’t want to do something for the rest of my life if I didn’t find it enjoyable. Then I found out about the Parks and Rec major and it sounded awesome. I could have fun in my career and change lives all the while. Now I just had to find a job that went along with it. You guessed it! I came to camp that next summer and I loved it! I finally found people that enjoyed the activities I enjoyed. I got to teach kids skills that I had to teach myself and I had a blast doing it. Camp has given me a place where I could be around people like me and people that would encourage me in everything I do. That’s why I keep coming back every year. Every time I left, I felt how I did when I was younger: like I was different than everyone around me. But here at camp, I’m just like everyone else. And that’s a great feeling. " - Rusty Meeko "I started coming to camp as soon as I was old enough. I’ve always had trouble feeling like I could relate to other people and being comfortable in large groups. Coming to camp changed that for me, there was a place where I was safe and could belong. Camp is the only thing on Earth that has ever brought me peace. I feel so blessed to be able to supply that same feeling and experience for campers." -  Meeko  

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