A.K.A. Yael Jones, Program Director

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Contact Us

Contact Us

Please see the directory below or complete this form and we will be in touch soon.


  • Main Phone Number: 888-FUN-YMCA or 573-438-2154 or 314-241-9622
  • Trout Lodge Fax Number: 573-438-5752
  • Camp Lakewood Fax Number: 573-438-3913


To reach the below extensions directly, please dial 573-438-1701. For e-mails, depending on your email provider, you can either click on the email address below or use the cut-and-paste method.

Executive Director, YMCA Trout Lodge & Camp Lakewood


Human Resources


Guest Services (

  • Laurel Boisonault, Guest Services Supervisor: ext. 201 or


Information Technology (IT/MIS)

  • Steve Hahn, MIS Manager, ext. 268 or

Group Sales (

  • Andrew Dodenhoff, Sales Director: ext. 233 or
  • Lindsay Jackson – Group Sales Team Leader: ext. 207 or
  • Andrea Phiropoulos, Group Sales Reservationist: ext. 206 or
  • Judy Bagnardi, Group Sales Reservationist: ext. 260 or

Operations (Trout Lodge Programs/TEAM Works, Conference, Food Service, Housekeeping, Maintenance)

  • Matt Engel, Director of Operations: ext. 105 or

Trout Lodge Programs/TEAM Works

  • Glen Jackson, Programs/TEAM Works Director: ext. 236 or
  • Sean Falkinburg, Program Director: ext. 224 or
  • Ashley Lanier, Road Scholar/Adult Programs Director: ext. 223 or
  • Larry Jeude, TEAM Works Program Director (St. Louis): ext. 234 or


Food Service

  • Cindy Kean, Food Service Director: ext. 209 or
  • Karie White, Asst. Food Service Director: ext. 213 or
  • Trout Lodge Kitchenext. 212
  • Camp Lakewood Kitchen: ext. 128


  • Chelsea Ratcliff, Housekeeping Director: ext. 218 or
  • Tonya Whitter,  Asst. Housekeeping Director: ext. 216 or


  • Michael Voyles, Maintenance Director: ext. 135 or
  • Bobby Revelle, Maintenance Supervisor: ext. 265 or

Director of Camp Lakewood ( Camp Programs, Outdoor Education, Triangle Y Ranch, Retail)

  • Melissa Di Fiori – Director of Camp Lakewood: ext. 111 or

Camp Programs (

  • Michelle “McFly” Bomalaski, Camp Program Director: ext. 121 or
  • Holly Shoults, Administrative Assistant.: ext. 112 or
  • Camp Office: ext. 113 or ext. 572

Outdoor Education

  • Nick Wheeler, Outdoor Education Director: ext. 232 or
  • Kelce Arrington, Asst. Outdoor Education Director: ext. 236 or
  • Kelly Adams, Outdoor Education Coordinator: ext. 114 or

Triangle Y Ranch


  • Bobbi Marler, Retail Sales Director: ext. 245 or
  • Carey Rulo, Asst. Retail Sales Director: ext. 119 or
  • Arts & Crafts: ext. 119
  • Waterwheel Country Store: ext. 190
  • Trading Post (camp): ext. 180

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