Get up and get moving!

February 04, 2019


Wintertime in Missouri is tough. One day it’s a balmy 50, the next your fighting something called the Polar Vortex with -10˚F wind chills. That’s why it’s important to find a combination of indoor and outdoor activities to keep you moving and active during the winter months. Here are a few ideas to help you out. Take advantage of local programs. Many cities and towns have community centers, YMCAs, public libraries or senior centers that have tons of amazing programs planned at little to no cost. Not only will you have the opportunity for inexpensive activity, but you’ll also have the chance to meet new people! Walk indoors. Walking is a great low-impact way to get your steps each day. If walking outside isn’t possible, look for indoor opportunities such as malls or rec centers that you can take advantage of. Join a club. Health and wellness aren’t all about engaging your body. It’s also about engaging your mind both through an activity and through interaction with others. If you’re a book lover, sign up for a local book club that meets regularly. Check out local event calendars and ask others to find something that works for you. Clean house. Not sure this one counts as fun, but it is a good workout, and you reap the benefits of a sparkling home when you’re done! Go outside and explore. Now, we’re not saying go out when it’s freezing. But, when we do have nice days take advantage of it! Take a stroll around the block, play outside with the kids, or just sit and soak up some sun –no matter what you do your body will appreciate the Vitamin D and the fresh air. No matter what you do, try to find a buddy to do it with you. Not only will having someone else around make it more enjoyable, but research has shown we are more likely to follow through with things when we have others to hold us accountable!

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