Goodbye End-of-Summer Blues!

August 05, 2015


Can you believe it? It’s already August! This is about that time of summer when kids are restless, parents are ready for their little darlings to return to school, teenagers are over their summer jobs and everyone is just sick of the heat—any of this ringing a bell? Oh, yes, the end-of-summer blues are all too familiar. While some people will make a last-ditch effort to salvage their summer with forced fun, others will throw in the towel and resign to spend their last sunny days tucked into their air conditioned living rooms. But listen up, folks! This doesn’t have to be you! Don’t sacrifice your last long days of summer. June and July may have flown by, but the Y is still in full swing. We have a whole bunch of awesome events and activities to send summer out just as fun as it began. For kids and adults, we’ve got a variety of stuff for you to check out. Here are just a few amazing opportunities: Themed Nights Every night until September 8th we’ve got a theme to spice up your summer! Don’t miss our heroic quests, old fashioned hoedowns, relaxing luaus, adventurous pirates and crazy campfires! (But if you don’t make it, we have themed weekends all year long, so don’t worry.) Fun Time in the Sunshine Not sure how this one could be more self explanatory! Are you an adult who loves fun? Do you love sunshine? Of course you do! And this program gives you a chance to try new things and embrace new adventures, like riflery, boating, line dancing, mini golf and other awesome activities! Missouri Wine Harvest Experience The perfect way to pay homage to the setting sun of summer. For this weeklong extravaganza, grab a group of friends for wine tasting, local adventures and more! For more information on these and other programs, call 888-FUN-YMCA or visit our Events Calendar (located in the “Play” tab of our cool new website!)

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