Getaways at Trout Lodge--Dare to be You.

June 18, 2015


You pride yourself on being different. When everyone else wants vanilla, you want chocolate. When others say up, you say down. When all your friends are dedicated to the boring and predictable, you are open to exciting new adventures. We love that about you, because we’re the same way. Instead of specializing in one vacation package, YMCA Trout Lodge offers a multitude of different activities for all of our family getaway packages—and we do it all year long. Fall, summer, spring or winter, gather up the family for a getaway and snuggle in at the YMCA Trout Lodge! We have everything you need for a weekend escape to nature. Enjoy our fall-friendly activities like fishing, archery, horseback riding, arts and crafts, and so much more. For extra fun, we have paintball and adventure activities like zip lines and our alpine tower! Then in the crisp evenings of the Ozarks, settle in around a warm campfire. Our lodges are cozy enough to feel like home but private enough to give you and your family a chance to reconnect—with nature and with each other. So this year, while everyone is doing the same old vacation, dare to be different. Book your family’s getaway at YMCA Trout Lodge today. (We even have a drum circle so you can march to your own beat.)

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