Is it ever too early for spring break?

January 28, 2016


It seems like the cold just arrived, and already, we’ve started counting down to spring break. The campus changes at spring time! We have more flowers, more colors, more life and more things to do. By the time spring break rolls around, it can be tempting to want to spend the week sleeping and watching daytime game shows on television or marathoning movies until the crack of dawn. Work has been difficult and school has been hard and college is draining—so you deserve a week off. But consider this: What if we took a real chance to come out of the winter slump? By the time spring break comes around, we will have just spent an entire season hiding indoors, even if it was to study or work—and it will finally be time to celebrate the return of the sunshine! Sunshine—remember that? Warm, bright, happy? We have plenty of it here, and it’s yours free when you book! How about we trade in our sweatpants for shorts and our technology for a chance at experiencing the joy of the outdoors as they stretch after a long, cold winter, too? We have two themed spring break weekends, March 11 – 17 or March 18 – 24, but our spring break rates run all the way from March 11 to March 31. You church group, your college friends, your campus organization, your family, your coworkers—whoever! We can accommodate every group of most sizes with fun stuff like archery, horseback riding, zip-lining, hiking and more. Everything you love about being outdoors is ready for you here. All you have to do is book! We’ll take care of the rest. Guest Room: Up to 5 people for $200 a night Loft Room: Up to 6 people for $225 a night Family Cabins*: Up to 5 people $250 a night, 6 to 10 people $500 a night Check out our Lodge page or call 888-FUN-YMCA. Dare to take an adventure. Your Netflix queue will still be there when you get back. *Cabin rates will change depending on the number of people in your party

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