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February 01, 2018


Last month, Facebook announced it was reconfiguring how it will disseminate information across the platform and would be showing more news from friends & family and less from businesses. First off, how awesome is that? At YMCA Trout Lodge and Camp Lakewood, we are all about authentic connections and believe that friends and family should always be the top priority. However, we feel like we are your family and want you to continue to see our posts, updates, photos and videos on a regular basis. Hopefully, you feel the same way so here is a quick fix to make sure you still see our content in your news feed.

1. Open the Facebook app on your phone & go to News Feed Settings 2. Tap prioritize who to see first 3. Tap YMCA Trout Lodge (make sure the star appears in the upper right corner) and then tap done. 4. Follow the same procedure for YMCA Camp Lakewood

Now you're all set! Help spread the words to all of your Trout Lodge & Camp Lakewood loving friends!

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