Making Time for Family

October 06, 2015


Family time is tricky. Hectic schedules, differing interests, and influx of technology all make it hard to just hang out and enjoy time together. Even if you think those don’t apply to you, stay tuned. Because the biggest challenge when it comes to family time isn’t any of these things. It’s a lack of awareness that it isn’t happening in the first place. Obviously, we all love our families, so it makes sense that we want to believe we are good at making time for the people who matter most to us. This is especially true if we live in the same house as our parents, our children, our brothers and our sisters. It’s easy to find yourself thinking, “I live with her. I see her every day. It’s impossible to not spend some time with her each day!” If you’re a person parenting in 2015, you know the struggle of competing with technology for attention. The average user checks their phone around 110 times a day, which is more than every fifteen minutes. This habit creeps into family time during activities that are meant to be enjoying together. Like sitting down to watching a movie together . . . but finding out that every member of the family is sucked into their own device. Or enjoying a family dinner . . . but the television drowns out any chance of communication. Some days it is just difficult to connect. There are a lot of distractions that surround us, and it can be hard to escape them. So what’s the solution to this very real problem? Go phone-free for a day. Get out of the house for a fun time together (free of temptation!). Try something new as a family. Turn off the TV and have a game night. Here’s the most important thing: It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re doing it together. Come to the YMCA to spend an entire weekend together, trying new things and reconnecting with nature and with one another. We have family getaways all year long designed to make hilarious, heartwarming memories. We really believe in the power of strong families to make a strong community, so that’s why we aim to create a place where families can experience quality and quantity in their time together.  

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