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The TEAM Challenge:

The building blocks of a successful team include open communication, trust and the ability to reach a common goal. Through fun and interactive activities, team members work together to develop these key skills. The TEAM Challenge can take place indoors or outdoors and is ideal for teams with a wide range of physical abilities.

The Advanced TEAM Experience

Teams build upon their foundations and further develop skills as they progress through more challenging activities such as Alpine Rescue and high adventure activities.

The Ultimate Journey

Participants must work together to reach specific destinations on a journey through a wilderness or urban landscape. Each destination will offer challenges to be completed and clues to move ahead on the journey. Teams will be given limited resources including maps, compasses and clues/instructions.

Targeted Learning Experiences

Comprehensive training is offered to pinpoint a specific area such as leadership, communication, change management, negotiation and influencing, and more. These trainings include both classroom based instruction and experiential learning. Participants have the opportunity to put their new skills into immediate use in a supportive and fun team environment.

Outdoor Leadership Experience Course

Low initiatives with challenges designed to fosters skills such as communication, team work, trust and leadership. OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE REGISTRATION FORM


The typical group process begins with the whole group doing activities such as icebreakers and warm-ups. Larger groups are then divided into smaller groups for the team challenges.At the end of the program, the entire group will come back together to share insights on how they may apply what was experienced during the program to their everyday life. TEAM CHALLENGE DESCRIPTIONS

Group Initiatives

Groups work together to complete a series of activities and challenges that develop solution-focused problem solving skills.

Alpine Rescue

While carrying a person in a rescue litter, a team must safely traverse through several challenging obstacles.

Adventure Activities:

Alpine/”Superman” Swing
Moonlight Swing
Moonlight Zip
Alpine Tower
Pines Peak
Pines Zip
Summit Explore & Rappel
Summit Zip
Gladiator Zip
Special Agent Zip
Water Blast Zip

Philanthropy-Driven Team Building:

The Epic Program

Supporting charitable causes is a very important component of many successful organizations. Combining stewardship with team building is a perfect opportunity to create an effective, cohesive group with a heart for helping others. The group will participate in a variety of challenges to gain points or an item to support their cause. Some examples are school backpacks, books for school libraries, food drive, clothes, and families in need. The activities are designed to challenge groups to work together to accomplish a common goal. True success is achieved only when everyone has contributed to the team effort. Organizations may choose their philanthropic cause, or TEAM Works can partner your organization with a local charity.

Build-A-Bike Challenge

Zip for a tire – climb for pedals – geocaching for handlebars? Absolutely! When your organization participates in team building at YMCA Trout Lodge, it supplies underprivileged children with new bikes! This program is designed to unite employees and encourage effective communication and problem-solving skills as they earn parts for bikes. Participants engage in “amazing race” style activities that may include high adventure activities, team challenges, scavenger hunts, and canoe orienteering. Organizations can choose a charity of their choice to donate their completed bike, or TEAM Works can partner the organization up with a local charity. Our team is committed to help you create authentic bonds, increase communication, and inspire cooperation – all while giving back.

Other Teambuilding Activities

Urban Adventures

Can be done anywhere in the St. Louis area and focuses on goals or interests of the group. Topics can center on St. Louis history, architecture, interviewing, current issues and events.

Rock Climbing & Rappelling

The YMCA offers climbing programs for beginning and intermediate climbers. There are indoor structures for beginning climbers located at various YMCA’s in the St. Louis area. An outdoor option is available at climbing and rappelling sites in Missouri and Illinois.


This navigation activity uses a map and compass, stresses decision-making, teamwork, goal setting and environmental interpretation. There are over 25 local parks and natural areas in the St. Louis area that can be used. For all skill levels.


Explore the underground world in local caves and learn about cave ecology.

For questions or to schedule a teambuilding program, please call Glen Jackson at 888-FUN-YMCA ext. 236 or via email at glen.jackson@gwrymca.org


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