Must-Haves for a Successful Road Trip

July 15, 2016


Games No road trip is complete without games, and chances are you have a few of your own favorites in the recesses of your mind. Bust out old fail-safes from your days as a traveling kid and teach them to your family. Or make up new ones together! If you’re at a complete loss, here are ideas hot off the presses for you! Snacks The potential mess is well worth the reward here. Let everyone pick a snack beforehand, so you know everyone will be happy. Then pack a special snack bag full of pre-portioned goodies to distribute as people get hungry. This way, you’ll spare some mess of family-sized bags being passed around and you’ll know everyone is getting their fair share. Sights Get the most out of your trip. If you’re traveling by car, chances are you’ll be passing some fun or unique stops. If you have the time, plan to stop and explore some of the cool places along the way. Great memories and a good chance to stretch your legs. Tunes There’s no time for a sing-a-long like a family trip! Load up with family favorites, movie soundtracks, or even books on tape. The trip will fly by when you’re set to the right station. Rules Even though rules seem like the opposite of fun, they’re necessary for a successful road trip. Put rules in place to keep the peace between siblings, agree on snacks and songs, notify parents about bathroom breaks, and keep volumes at appropriate levels to respect the driver. Now, get on the road and prepare to have fun on the destination—and the journey!

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