Never stop

March 19, 2019


When was the last time you tried something you’ve never done before? If you can’t remember, that’s okay – actually, it just makes you normal. As humans, we are programmed to look to the familiar. Whether it’s the same daily routine or doing the same activities you’ve done forever, there is a sense of comfort and stability that comes from doing things that feel familiar. But, as we age, it is crucial we continue to challenge our bodies and minds. While retirement is great for many reasons (goodbye, alarm clock) it can also lead to a more sedentary, less active lifestyle, and a decrease in socialization which can speed up the aging process. Whether it’s learning a new skill, starting a new hobby, conquering a physical task, or just gathering a group of pals for a weekend getaway, research has shown that doing something you’ve never done before can: • Foster courage • Increase your confidence • Slow cognitive decline • Improve overall health • Provide opportunity for fun and socialization At YMCA Trout Lodge, our adult programs are designed with you – the active senior – in mind. We offer outdoor adventures including specific family and grandchild adventure weekends, creative programs to awaken your inner artist, wellness programs for your mind and body, equestrian programs for horse lovers of all ages, or join us for a relaxing weekend getaway among nature’s beauty in the Ozarks. Our rates include lodging, meals and most of our year-round activities.

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