Own Adulthood

August 12, 2015


Take a minute and think about the last time you ran through grass. Felt your bare feet caked with dirt and cool, whipping wind blowing your hair all over the place. Picture the last lightning bug you caught. The last campfire you sang around. The last time you saw the world from the sky, flying through the air on a tire swing. If you’re like most adults, you’re reaching pretty far back to conjure up those memories. You can remember what it felt like to be outside as a child—but are you embracing adventure as an adult? George Eliot said we could never have loved the earth so well as we do, had we not had a childhood in it. And that’s true; but the adventure, the life, the fun—kids don’t have the monopoly on that. Adventure is still out there! Walk barefoot. Stay up late. Do something just for the heck of it. Eat an extra scoop of ice cream. Try something you’ve never done before (may we suggest zip lining or SCUBA diving?). Make your own adventures. What are you waiting for? Get off the computer and go be an adult! (And if you need ideas, YMCA has a whole list of Adult Programs for young, adventurous adults like you. Just click on “Adult Programs” under STAY, or call 888-FUN-YMCA)

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