Saying Goodbye to Summer: 10 Reasons You’ll Want to Spend Fall with Us This Year

August 31, 2015


1. Summer is fading away and holidays are still pretty far off in the distance. You need some time for escape and adventure between now and then. 2. Everybody knows that fall is the perfect time to be outdoors—and we just happen to be experts at being outdoors. 3. You will have an entirely new bank of stories that will start with, “Oh, do you remember the time that they did the Gladiator Zip?” 4. You’ll learn what the Gladiator Zip is. 5. There’s nothing like the smell of campfire on your clothes. 6. Zip lines, archery, arts & crafts, themed weekends, campfires . . . no doubt about it, the YMCA is fun. 7. As avid outdoor enthusiasts, we are experts in the perfect s’more. You’ll bite into nothing but the best ratio of graham cracker to chocolate to ‘shmallow. 8. Awesome local wineries. Need we say more? 9. It’s important to get outside and stay active, especially before hunkering down for a winter of cold weather and cookies. 10. We sit on miles of beautiful land—the colors of fall are so stunning, you absolutely have to see them for yourself. Bonus reason: Our rates that include lodging, meals and most activities, making this fall getaway easy on your schedule and your wallet.

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