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Because it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, we have a summer & winter camp photographer whose job it is to take pictures of campers and “tell the story” of the amazing time they are having. Then we place these photos on a photo-sharing site called Flickr where all of the pictures taken can be accessed.

Just checking things out

If you are a parent considering sending your child to Camp Lakewood and want to VIEW past pictures of campers having a great time please click: FLICKR (and then click on Albums to find Camp Lakewood photo albums).

For Camp Parents

Every parent wants to see his/her child have a great time at camp, and since you can’t be there to share the experience with them in person, photos are the perfect alternative.

A Few Words About Pictures

Flickr Downloading Instructions

Or if you are a camper parent who only wants to view the CURRENT YEAR camp pictures (and not download them), click on the session links below (when available). All pictures and daily waves from the entire session will be located in that folder. Each day you can go back in and view the new pictures added from the previous day. Remember that if you want to download any pictures, you must follow the “Flickr Downloading Instructions” above.

2017 Session 1 Photos

    Session 1 Daily Waves (videos)

2017 Session 2 Photos

    Session 2 Daily Waves (videos)

2017 Session 3 Photos

     Session 3 Daily Waves (videos)

2017 Session 4 Photos

     Session 4 Daily Waves (videos)

2017 Session 5 Photos

     Session 5 Daily Waves (videos)

2017 Session 6 Photos

     Session 6 Daily Waves (videos)

2017 Session 7 Photos

     Session 7 Daily Waves (videos)

2017 Session 8 Photos

     Session 8 Daily Waves (videos)

2017 Session 9 Photos

     Session 9 Daily Waves (videos)

2017 Session 10 Photos

     Session 10 Daily Waves (videos)

2017 Winter Camp Photos

    Winter Camp Daily Waves (videos)


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