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  • “Our daughter did not originally want to come to camp; it was her first time being away from home other than sleepovers at a friend’s. She got more excited as we got closer but was still nervous. For the hour and a half it took us to get home today, she talked nonstop about everything she did. She loved her counselors and the staff, made some great new friends and tried things she had never done before, and has discovered she loves wind surfing! Thanks for making her first camp experience a great one; she’s already planning ahead for next summer!” – Bridget
  •  “My daughter LOVES Camp Lakewood! She was truly sad for a day after leaving. I told her I was glad she had such a good time and didn’t get homesick. She said, ‘yeah, instead now I am campsick.’ The staff are terrific at Camp Lakewood, and the TLC staff always make my daughter feel at ease with how her daily med and treatment routine will fit in at camp without making her feel left out.” – Annette


  • Y members will receive $100 off the registration fee for sessions 1 – 3
  • Y members will receive $45 off the registration fee for sessions 4 – 10


Recruit a new camper for Summer 2019 and receive $100 off returning camper’s program fee!

  • Referring camper has to have attended Camp Lakewood for at least one summer
  • New camper cannot be in the same household
  • New camper has to list only your camper on the “Referred By” line when signing up
  • New camper must be paying a portion of program fees and not under full scholarship.
  • Credit only applies toward cost of program fees
  • Discount will not be applied until new camper has registered and listed your camper on the referral program line of their registration form
  • Credit will not be extended beyond the value of your child’s program fee.
  • Referral credit will be awarded on a first-come basis; if two families refer the same camper, credit will be awarded to the family whose form is received first at the camp office. Credit will be split for forms that arrive in the mail the same day
  • Credit cannot be transferred to children of other families


Camp Lakewood offers a 20% discount off of the main camp and east camp program fees (only).

Simply complete the registration form as usual (either online or hard copy), and discount the main camp or east camp program pricing (only) by 20% and enter that amount in the PAYMENT INFORMATION section under “Program Price”. You will be required, upon check-in, to provide the staff with your military ID confirming your active duty status. If you have any questions when filling out the registration form, please contact the Camp Lakewood office directly, at 573-438-2155 or via email at camplakewood@gwrymca.org.


For financial assistance, please refer to the  “Forms – Clothing Lists”  page.


For questions, please contact the Camp Lakewood office directly, at 573-438-2155, or by email at camplakewood@gwrymca.org.


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