Ten Totally Awesome Ways to Spend December

December 02, 2016


1. Nestled up by a fireplace with a good movie or book. 2. Shopping all the holiday sales. For some people, shopping is the worst part of the holiday season. But there's something to be said for the giant Christmas decorations, the line to see Santa and the joy from finding the perfect something for someone! 3. Dreaming of a white Christmas. Or creating your own with fake snow and paper flakes! 4. Perfecting your holiday cookie recipe. And while you're at it, why not just bake a little something for everyone? Your mail person, your favorite bank teller, your coworkers, your child's bus driver--everyone loves a little Christmas love! 5. Listening to holiday music. It's finally the time of year where it's on almost every radio station and you can fish out your old Christmas tunes. From the classics to the pop twists, there's probably enough out there that you really could listen all December long. 6. Writing to family and friends. There's no time like wintertime for sitting down with a big box of stationary and sending greetings to people you've not caught up with in a while. Even if you send a blanket Christmas card, a personalized note at the holidays will go a long way to show you care. 7. Decorating everything! 8. Brainstorming a list of New Year's Resolutions; and don't forget to write a list of the things you feel you did really well in 2016 and the things you don't want to change about yourself. Celebrate all kinds of growth--not just things you want to "fix." 9. Eating! Specialty drinks, holiday hams, potatoes a'plenty and so many sweets--the holidays are the best season for food! 10. Making holiday memories at Trout Lodge. Spend a few days vacationing from the holiday stress and enjoy some of our 40 activities that are open all year round!      

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