The Importance of Getting Outside

August 09, 2016


We talk about the importance of getting outside a lot, and we have so many activities on campus that are centered around the outdoors. Besides just loving soaking in the rays all year long, there are a lot of reasons to get outside—and you should! At least for a few minutes every day. Especially as children, playing outside is incredibly effective on the development of social skills. When playing make-believe or taking turns on playground equipment, kids will have to learn how to work together for a pleasant playground experience. It has been noted that time outdoors can also improve your attention span. Being outside brings out a curious part of us that can only be satisfied by observation. Unlike the indoors, where we are able to easily look things up in books or online, if we see a bug or plant that interests us, we have the ability to get up close and personal to learn about it. This sort of focus might just lead to a stronger attention span. And of course, getting away from the screens and fluorescent lights of the indoors does wonders for your health. Not only is Vitamin D (from the sun) just great for you, but the fresh air reduces stress levels. Taking your kids outside will show them how much you value time spent getting to know the great outdoors, which will help them cultivate their own healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. We have tons of ways to get involved outside. Just click on the “Activities” page and pick your favorites!

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