The Importance of Trying New Things

October 14, 2015


When was the last time you tried something you’ve never done before? If you can’t remember, that’s okay—actually, it just makes you normal. When asked, most people cannot remember the last time they tried something new. It’s entirely common to have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to adventures you’d love to have, but haven’t gotten around to. We crave adventure but we are programmed to seek the familiar. And that makes sense! Because the familiar are the things that keep us safe. It is totally logical to stick to what you know. But consider the amazing benefits of setting out on a new adventure. Keeps you entertained There’s something to be said for knowing what you like, but everything you like now was once something new! So before you get bogged down in the boring, remember that variety is the spice of life and if you try something new today, you may have a new favorite hobby tomorrow! Fosters courage & increases confidence Daring to strap yourself up, climb a tower, walk across a pole and fly back down to Earth on a zip line—well that takes some heart! Once you muster up the bravery it takes to do that, you’ll have that memory forever. You will always be able to tell people about the time you stood and looked out over the earth before sailing toward it on a cable! How could that not make you proud of yourself? Solidifies friendships People who try new things with friends reportedly have more fun doing them. It’s true. Check out this article. Once you’ve done something so daring with a friend, you will share the memory forever and have someone to call on every time you are ready to set out on another adventure. Sold on the idea of a thrilling new journey? You’re in the right place. Check out our activities page and set your plan in motion!

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