The Perfect Valentine’s Weekend

January 05, 2016


Why take a weekend at the YMCA for Valentine’s Day? It’s quiet. Why would you want to spend your Valentine’s day with throngs of couples staring lovingly over dinner at crowded restaurants? Spend your Valentine’s with the only people you want to see: each other. It’s the ideal location. A long vacation in a faraway land inevitably means you’ll be spending some of your precious relaxing, connecting time en route. We’re just a short 90 minute drive from St. Louis. Plus, we have tons of area attractions to explore, too. It’s romantic. Picture this: setting sun, glistening lake, twinkling stars, cozy blankets, beautiful nature. Add in the love of your life, good food you don’t have to cook and a chance to reconnect through fun adventure activities—well, this is the perfect weekend to celebrate the fun of falling in love all over again! We have special, discounted rates on every room you can imagine—plus our rates include lodging, meals and activities. Guest Room: $360 for 2 nights (or $180/night) Loft Room: $360 for 2 nights (or $180/night) Family Cabin: 2 guests        $400 for 2 nights (or $200/night) 4 guests        $500 for 2 nights (or $250/night)

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