Things Everybody Loves About Their Families

August 03, 2015


Families are pretty spectacular, so in honor of our upcoming Family Camp, we’ve made a list of reasons we love them. They like you. Board game feuds and dirty dish arguments aside, families tend to be our biggest fans. They like our ideas, listen to our stories, clap for our made-up songs; they’re always there to lend a helping hand or an encouraging word, and most of us couldn’t be more grateful for it. Plus, as an added bonus, most of the time, our families have seen us at our proudest and weakest moments—and they’re still our biggest fans! What a wonderful thing! They share the big moments. They’re there at the sporting events, grade school productions, toddler birthday parties, high school graduations, weddings, and major holidays. Having you sister and brother with you makes gatherings instantly more fun, and there’s always an excuse for Grandma to make cookies or Mom to pack snacks! They get you. There’s no denying it. No one will ever understand you like your family. Because they’ve been there for all the important parts: the growing pains, the awkward moments, the victories big and small, the embarrassing stories, the laughter, the triumphs—everything. They’ll laugh at the jokes you make about your crazy great uncle or stand by the cousin who has decided to dye her hair electric blue right before picture day, because they understand what it means to be a family. They share a collective memory. Between family, there’s always someone to remember everything you’ve done together and why it was special. You’ll always find someone who can tell you who is in what picture, what they used to do for summer vacations and what everyone was like as a little kid. It’s what makes photo albums, holiday gatherings, home videos, and family time so fun. Celebrate your family this Labor Day with YMCA’s Family Camp! Make memories that will last a lifetime. Call 888-FUN-YMCA or register online at

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