Top 5 Reasons to Go to Family Camp

August 16, 2016


So the summer is starting to wind down, and the school schedules are starting. But you shouldn’t miss our Trout Lodge last hurrah to summer and the water sports (*don’t worry, we’re open all year, though) at Family Camp! This Labor Day weekend, pack in a summer’s worth of adventure into three action-fueled days. Here’s our quick top 5 reasons to plan your trip to Family Camp today! Family memories Every vacation you take will create a new set of stories, and this one will give you the stories you will want to just keep telling over and over again. Zip-lining Because when will you ever be able to convince your dad to ride a zip line again? Refresh and Recharge After a summer of go-go-go, take a weekend before your school year schedule kicks in, and just relax and hang out together. Unplugging Leaving your phones behind in favor of a fun weekend will be well worth it. We promise. Water Fun! It’s the last time to get out on the water for the season. What’s your top reason to come to Family Camp? Give us a call at 888-FUN-YMCA and let us know—then we’ll help you book!    

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