Turkey Tips!

November 22, 2016


Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving or just want to be a stellar guest, here are 5 ways to delight the dinner party this year at Turkey Day. Show up on time. It’s a busy time of year—we all know it. That’s why punctuality will be even more appreciated. Because when you arrive on time to an occasion, especially during the holidays, it reminds your host or shows your guests that you’ve prioritized this meal with them despite the growing to-do list that’s looming. Talk about making people feel special! Dress to the nines. Unless you have some agreement with your family that you can show up in PJs, try to make the holiday a little more than ordinary by dusting off a fancier sweater or trading your sneakers for some dress shoes. Small touches like these make the day seem more special. Bring something (or graciously accept something) You don’t have to whip up some extraordinary dish to make an impression! But bringing something small, like a bouquet of fresh flowers or some treats for the kiddos, will show the host that you’re thankful to be included. If you’re the host, be thankful for whatever your guests bring and display it proudly to show your gratitude. Have a funny story prepared. Good meals are a little about food and a lot about good conversation. There’s no shame in having a few good anecdotes up your sleeve about your year that you can whip out at a moment’s notice to dazzle the crowd. If there’s a lull in the conversation, you can be ready for it! (Just try to steer clear of things like politics and profanity and any story can be a hit!) Practice good listening As much talking happens as Thanksgiving, there should be more listening. Don’t interject your cousin’s story with a funnier one—listen intently and wait until the end to reply. Ask thoughtful questions about what your fellow dinner guests are sharing with you, and the conversation will flow! The best way to celebrate Thanksgiving, though? Be thankful! Approach the whole day with gratitude from beginning to end and you’ll be thrilled at how great your holiday can be.  

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