Unplugging during the holidays

December 11, 2017


From social media to email to everything in-between, technology is an ever-present part of our daily lives. A study by analytics firm Flurry found that in 2016 the average American “spent up to 5 hours per day on mobile devices, an increase of 20% from 2015.” While technology has its place, there’s something to be said for unplugging, especially during the holidays. Research has shown that unplugging for an extended period of time can lead to reduced anxiety, better brain focus, improved sleep, and more time for connecting with friends and family. However, unplugging is easier said than done for many. If the idea of the holiday season being a no-phone zone is tough for you here are a few tips to help you feel a little more in control. Tie up loose ends. Finish anything on your to-do list that has to be completed, set up out-of-office notifications and designate a contact person if you’re going to be away from work during office hours. Be realistic. While the idea of no technology is great in theory, we understand it might not be realistic. Instead, designate a specific time of day or a specific amount of time to check messages, reply to emails, or browse social media. Make it a family event. Find activities that don't involve technology such as game nights, being a tourist in your own city and exploring museums and other points of interest, planning a progressive dinner where each family member is in charge of a certain course or having a family dance party. Whatever you choose to do, the health benefits of spending some time away from electronics and with those you love are real. So unplug, sit back, relax and enjoy the holiday season!

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