We're gearing up for Camp 2016!

May 17, 2016


May is upon us and that means camp is just around the corner. Our early sessions are bigger than ever this summer and we have been excited to see a significant rise in the number of first time campers. As your session of camp approaches, many families have questions. First of all, that is normal! If you have never sent a camper to Lakewood we know it can be a little daunting. Luckily, we have decades of experience helping families come to camp, so here are some good rules to follow as you get ready for this amazing adventure: Read the parent handbook and the packing lists. These little gems have wonderful tips for shopping and packing and all of the information has been tested by thousands of families before you. Trust the handbook. It will explain why you want to remember your “mud cave shoes” and why you might want to pack that Iron Man helmet for our “wacky campfire!” Involve your campers in the packing process! It is a great way to share the preparation experience and it also ensures that your camper knows what they brought and where it was packed. This is extremely important as it will help them settle comfortably into camp and be ready for the adventure. Labeling everything you send also helps make sure it all comes home! Please turn all of your paperwork in early, the earlier the better! This is especially true if your camper has an IEP. This will cut down how long your check in process takes and it also ensures plenty of time for our staff to go over your documents and make sure we don’t have any questions. We want to be sure we are ready to receive your campers properly and this information helps make that happen! Leave plenty of time on check in day. Our check in system is quick and easy, but many families find they like to arrive between 1:00 and 1:30 and take their time settling their campers into camp. This gives families plenty of time to grab a hot dog or burger at our check in grill, settle into their bunk, meet cabin mates, and still have plenty of time before the swim test. We find this helps cut down on any possible stress. Call if you have questions! Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff. No question is too easy or outlandish. Please make use of the new live chat function on our website during business hours if that is more convenient. We want you to feel confident and prepared before you arrive. If there is anything we can do to help make the experience easier, please let us know! Welcome to Camp! Mufasa1 Matt “Mufasa” Garcia Camp Director YMCA Camp Lakewood

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