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January 02, 2017


At the YMCA, we believe in believing in people! You read that right. Our mission at the YMCA is to give people a chance to find their truest potential. We love coming to work every day to inspire everyone that comes through Trout Lodge and Camp Lakewood. Campers experience bravery and confidence they may not have ever before. Sometimes they find new courage by doing something daring, like trying to zipline for the first time; but sometimes it's as simple for them as just participating and feeling like a part of something. Families can reconnect with each other with days away from technology and responsibility. The memories made around the tables in the dining room or out on the lake are what keep our staff going--we love providing those chances! We work to make everyone feel like they have a home here − Veterans, children living with cancer or disabilities, families experiencing loss or hardship--everyone. What we believe in more than anything here is people. And that makes all the difference. Come visit us to see how serious we are about what we do!

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