Why Family Matters

March 29, 2016


It’s a truth as old as time itself: quality time together as a family matters. But how on earth can we do that? Between bills and homework and chores and sports and all of the different technologies constantly beeping at us—well it’s a wonder we can even think, let alone carve out time for family! It’s vitally important to the success of our families to spend regular time together, though. Being together, making memories and getting to know one another sends a strong message of love and creates a solid network that you’ll be able to rely on again and again. Kids learn what’s important by observing. Parents who set aside intentional time for family, show children that cultivating relationships with your family is a priority. Are you setting the right example for your kids? If you’re stuck in a rut, try just having a meal together each night. Or playing a board game. Or taking a walk. Whatever you do, unplug from the tv and the computer and tablets and phones and chores and everything that clouds you from paying attention! Take some time to make jokes, be a little goofy and make fun memories as a family.

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