Winter activities for the entire family

January 06, 2017


Winter break, cold weather and lots of indoor time can be almost too much for parents and kids alike! While we recommend as much outdoor activity time as possible, we do realize that doesn’t always work. So for those times when you have to be indoors, here are 5 fun winter activities your kids - and you - can enjoy. Family movie night From the classics to new releases, there’s something to be said for kid-friendly movies. But instead of just watching the movie together, why not make it an experience? Start off by choosing a night. Then either have your kids make admission tickets, or use an online template to print some, and hand them out a couple of days before. The day of be sure you have plenty of kid-friendly snacks, even letting the kids help you choose what you’re going to have. You never know they may surprise you and want carrots … probably not, though. Once you have your snacks ready, it’s time to setup the theater by piling as many cushions, sleeping bags and blankets as you can find onto the floor to create a cozy, comfy viewing area. Want to get really creative? Check out this DIY car craft for kids to use as they pretend they are at the drive-in. After you get everything set up, announce that the show will be starting shortly. Once everyone is settled in then it’s time to start the show! Have some that fall asleep during the movie? No problem! Movie night just became sleepover in the living room night! Dance party This one’s pretty simple but still fun nonetheless. All you have to do is crank up the radio, push back the furniture and get out your dancing shoes! You can show off the moves that were popular back in the day (we bet you’ll get some giggles with that) and encourage your kids to show off their moves Scavenger hunt With so many nooks, crannies and hiding places, your home is the perfect place to set up an indoor scavenger hunt. Start off by making a list of clues that lead the “hunters” to the next clue and stashing them around the house, keeping in mind the age and skill level of your child. Then at the last clue, put out some sort of prize. Prize ideas include a special treat, coupons for additional TV or iPad time, etc. Want an educational and fun alternative? Check out this Magazine Scavenger hunt! Mystery ingredient recipe challenge Have little ones that are old enough to help out in the kitchen? Do your own version of the Food Network TV program Chopped like this mom did! Theme night This activity is entertaining and educational at the same time. First, do a family poll and choose a country or culture everyone is interested in learning more about. Once you have chosen it, have the kids do research to learn as much as they can about that culture. Have them make collages on poster board full of pictures, facts and other interesting information they learned. Then have them help you prepare a meal with a few dishes from the country you chose. At dinner that night, let them present what they have learned!

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